Indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is of concern to all of us, since we spend a substantial amount of our time indoors, be it at the office, our home or commercial buildings and establishments. People face significant health risks due to repeated exposure to indoor air pollutants. Exposure to these harmful substances can lead to multitude of immediate and long-term health problems. It is therefore essential for our well being to ensure that the quality of the indoor living environment is good and doesn't cause harm to the occupants. The most vulnerable people are often those who spend significant amounts of time indoors such as cardiovascular and respiratory disease sufferers, chronically ill, young children and the elderly.

If you suffer from an indoor air quality problem we can provide you with a professional, thorough and scientifically based assessments. In the process of indoor air quality investigation, we will assess the documentations and history of the occupants' symptoms and complaints. We will inspect heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, assess the spatial distribution of building occupants and evaluate the sources of potential irritants located both inside and outside the building.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) investigation is a technically demanding task which involves many stages and typically consists of:

  • Overall building surveysincluding immediate surroundings.
  • Detection of water damage or elevated moisture zones.
  • Infrared survey of the building.
  • Consultations with occupants to establish exposure – symptom relationships.
  • Sampling for various biological, chemical and particulate contaminants.
  • Analysis,of collected samples and identification of likely causes.

We are helping to create a healthy and pleasant living environment by identifying the root causes of indoor air quality problems and neutralising the risks.


– 2017

Parkeray Ltd

Marketing Suite – Regent Street (London)

Redevelopment of a property marketing suite in the hearth of Crown Estate in London. The marketing suite was developed to very high specification and air quality was an important aspect of this development. We have successfully carried out air quality test to verify that this redevelopment meets the HAE-02 to criteria.

– 2017

Parkeray Ltd

Business Start-up units and offices (Lever Street, London)

61 Lever street is a ground floor commercial development of mixed size office units. The development consists of a mixture of open plan and closed office units of varying sizes. We have successfully complected air quality testing for this upmarket redevelopment project which was awarded breeam credits for achieving excellent indoor air quality.

– 2017

Flatt Consulting Ltd

Maple Street Building Redevelopoment (London)

Preparation of air quality plan for redevelopment of a commercial/residential building is situated in the inner-city London. The 4-8 Maple Street building is a four-storey building consisting of open plan offices on each floor.

– 2017

KLH Sustainability

St James' Market – Regent Street London

We have prepared air quality plan and carried out air quality test for this high specifications redevelopment of two multi storey commercial buildings on St James Market. Each of the buildings consists of 7 open plan floors to be used as retail and office space.

– 2017


West Gorton Community Hub (Manchester)

Preparation of air quality plan for the community hub building is located on the corner of Hyde Road and Clowest Street in Manchester. The community hub building is a two-storey building consisting of a new large medical centre, a pharmacy and a convenience shop.

– 2017

McLaren Construction Ltd

Science Block at Dulwich College (London)

The new science block at Dulwich College development is a two storey building located at College Road. The building consists of numerous laboratories dedicated to natural science in information technology. We have prepared an air quality plan and successfully completed air quality test for this development.

– 2016

Ashe Construction Ltd

Office building redevelopment (Cambridge)

The 51 Hills Road development is a three storey office building situated in the inner city Cambridge area. The building consists of two open plan offices on the ground floor and single open plan offices on the remaining floors.

– 2016

Balfour Beatty

Laboratory facility at Southmead L&R Phase 2 (Westbury-on-Trym)

Southmead L&R Phase two is a three storeys educational and research facility consisting of laboratories and offices. We have prepared air quality plan and carried out successful air quality verification on this state of the art research facility.

– 2016

Houlton & Sons Ltd

Grimsby Institute – Art and Design School

Preparation of an indoor air quality plan and completion of cost construction air quality test for a four storey multipurpose extension to an existing educational building.

– 2016

Vascroft Contractors Ltd

Holiday Inn Express – Southwark London

Development of a multi storey hotel complex in the Southwark borough of London. Our company has prepared indoor air quality plan for the development and carried out air quality testing after he completion. The project was awarded both credits for achieving excellence.

– 2016

Telford Homes Plc

Station House- Stafford Plaza Accommodation complex (London)

Development of a multi storey accommodation complex in the heath of Stafford. We have successfully completed air quality throughout the development and site was awarded credits for both indoor air quality and indoor air quality plan.

– 2016

Midas Construction Ltd

Bridgwater Innovation Centre

The Bridgewater Innovation Centre development is located at Bristol Road in Bridgewater. The building consists of three floors divided into reception area, lobby and offices on the ground floor and offices of various sizes on the second and third floor. Successfully completed breeam indoor air quality test and air quality plan.

– 2016

Evolution Innovation Ltd

Dexion House -Student accommodation complex (Wembley)

Preparation of air quality plan and air quality test for the Dexion house student accommodation complex consists from 9 - 18 storeys buildings, swimming pools, fitness facilities, and commercial units. The project was awarded HEA-02 credits after successful completion.

– 2016

A.F.Connell Limited

The Origin – Industrial units development (Park Royal - London)

Breeam air quality testing and air quality plan was completed for the The Origin Industrial Units 1, 2 and 3 development is located at Rainford Road in London. Each unit consist of a large open plan warehouse with two or three storeys of welfare and office space at the front of the building.

– 2016

BEC Construction Limited

The Meads Medical Centre in Sittingbourne

The Meads medical centre is a purpose build medical facility situated on the ground floor of a larger residential and commercial building. The medical centre consists of 12 consultancy rooms, 6 offices/meeting rooms and a number of storage cupboards. Successful air quality test was completed and breeam credits awarded.

– 2016

Buckingham Construction Group

Stockley Close - Industrial units

Construction of new industrial units in Stockley Close in West Drayton. The units were a mixed use development for light industrial uses. Air quality plan was submitted prior to Formaldehyde and VOC testing which was successfully completed and satisfied the Breeam assessment criteria.

– 2015

Wildgoose Construction

Bury College – Sport Hall

Development of a new Bury College sports hall two storey sports and educational building located on the Market Street in Bury. The building consisting of offices, changing rooms, classrooms, rest areas, store rooms and a sports hall on the ground floor.

– 2015

Henry W Pollard

Strode College – Employment Skill Centre

Development of a new employment skill centre in the hearth of Strode college. The development is a three storey educational building consisting of offices, large number of classrooms, 9 lecture and numerous study rooms. Breeam indoor air quality tests were carried out through out the development with excellent results!

– 2015

Midas Construction

Weston College – South West Skill Centre

The project is a refurbishment and extension of an existing two storey facility of the former Hub building, the top floor of which consists of classrooms, office space, training facilities and space for the College's business partners. The ground floor comprises a new reception area, a bistro-style canteen, a LibraryPlus facility, student support and IT facilities.

– 2015

Benniman Limited

The Oaks Primary Care Centre

Construction of a new Primary are center in Solihull, West Midlands consisting of numerous consultancy rooms, meeting rooms and welfare facilities.

– 2015

BAM Construction

Netley Street Apartments Development

Development of a multipurpose residential building consisting of a primary school on the ground and first floor and purpose build apartment on the remaining floors.

– 2015

Eric Wright Construction

Bury College Enterprise Centre

Development of a new teaching facility at Bery college. The Enterprise Centre is a four storey educational facility consisting of seating areas on the ground floor and classrooms and offices on the remaining floors.

– 2015

BEARD Construction

Berkshire College of Agriculture – Sport Hall

Development of new teaching block for Berkshire college including a sports hall facility. Preparation of indoor air quality plan and third party air quality verification for HAE 02

– 2015

Carter Builder

Peterborough Regional College

Newly constructed sports facility consisting of a large ground floor gymnasium and a number of dance studios, teaching rooms, and offices. The project was awarded Breeam points for achieving very good indoor air quality.