• Mould Test Kit
  • Easy to use with simple instructions.
  • Reliable and objective assessment of conditions in your environment.
  • The test kit contains 2 - 8 monitors and detailed instructions and a risk evaluation form.
  • Provides you with relative numbers of mould spores in your home in comparison to the natural background.
  • Results available between 48-96 hours.

How it works:

Our Mould Test Kit has been developed to evaluate the relative concentration of mould spores in a specific location (e.g. bedroom, classroom and/or office) in comparison the natural environmental background.

Our do-it–yourself kit does not require specialist training to use, you follow the instructions and after a short period of sampling, cultivate the samples in a warm environment to see the results.

Step One:

Read the instructions and place the first monitor in a outside location.

Step Two:

Place the other monitor in the indoor location you are concerned about.

Step Three:

Open the monitors and sample for the equal amount of time (e.g. 4 hours).

Step Four:

Close and seal the monitors and cultivate in a warm place between 48-96 hours.

Step Five:

Count the colonies on each plate and compare the numbers between the outdoor and indoor location. The higher the difference of the indoor samples the poorer the indoor air quality.

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Mould Test Kit

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