• Bacteria Test Kit
  • Easy to use with simple instructions.
  • Accredited analysis of your sample.
  • Detects Coli, Clostridium p., Pseudomonas a., Staphylococcus a., Salmonella, Bacillus c. Faecal Streptococci, and Enterococci.
  • Laboratory report including the results and interpretation of your test.
  • No additional fees! All sampling, analysis and reporting cost included.

Bacterial pathogens are often found in the domestic environment and can present a hazard to the very young or the elderly. The most likely places where these harmful bacteria occur in the house are;

  • Sinks
  • Draining boards
  • Food preparation surfaces
  • Wet cloths and sponges
  • Wet cleaning utensils

These bacteria can also survive on dry surfaces such as door handles and furnishings. Identifying sources of these pathogens can prevent infections in your home.

We have developed the Bacteria Test Kit to allow you to test at home and/or a workplace for the presence of these harmful pathogens.

How it works

Our Bacteria Test Kit has been developed to evaluate the concentration of harmful pathogenic bacteria on surfaces in domestic and/or industrial environments. Our do-it–yourself kit does not require specialist training. Follow the simple instructions and send the sample(s) back to us for accredited analysis. Once the analysis is completed we will prepare a report with interpreted results.

Homeowners will be able to identify sources of pathogenic bacteria helping to reduce or eliminate infections.

Building managers will be able to accurately assess the hazards in premises and to prevent unintended exposure of workers and building occupants. They can also verify the effectiveness of cleaners and cleaning contractors working on their sites.

Step One:

Read the instructions and fill in the forms.

Step Two:

Collect the swab samples following the instruction and post back to our laboratory.

Step Three:

Receive a full report with interpretations and recommendations, if you are still concerned we will gladly discuss the report findings.

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Bacteria Test Kit

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