• Domestic Property – Lead Survey

Your home will be visited by a qualified technician who will carry out a survey of the premises for the presence of lead-containing materials. The surveyor will carry out an lead survey (non-or minor intrusive), to all areas of the property and surrounding grounds.

Lead survey is appropriate for the routine maintenance of a building or site. It aims to locate, sample and assess all lead-containing materials, so far as is reasonably practicable. The survey will be carried out in such a manner as to minimise the damage to the building fabric and decoration, however, lead surveys will often involve minor intrusive work and some disturbance. The extent of intrusion will vary between premises and depend on what is reasonably practicable for individual properties, i.e. it will depend on factors such as the type of building, the nature of construction, accessibility etc. Inspection of certain items such as internal parts of machinery, equipment or live electrical equipment is outside the scope of the survey. The survey does not include inspection of the internal structure of the building such as cavity walls floors etc.

The survey will be carried out in accordance with Control of Lead at Work regulations 2002 and HSE documents HSG264 (2012) & HSG277.

The assessment will provide you with accurate information about the presence of lead-containing materials on site and the risk their present to the building occupants. All the identified lead-containing materials will be risk scored based on material type and occupancy parameters. The samples analysis will be carried out by a UKAS accredited laboratory.

The lead survey will be conducted by means of visual inspection of all accessible areas of the site defined. In all cases of sampling, care will be taken to ensure that the samples are representative of the material involved and that sufficient quantity of material is sampled. In areas on the site where there are substantial quantities of visually uniform material, then a small number of samples will be taken and will be considered as being representative for the whole area.

All sampling will be undertaken causing the minimum possible nuisance and potential risk to the health and safety of the building occupants.

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Domestic Property – Lead Survey

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