• Gloves patches

Gloves are flexed, stretched, pressured, and abraded which can cause premature chemical breakthrough and alter reliance on ASTM laboratory breakthrough data. PERMEA-TEC pads, worn under gloves during actual field use, show the point at which breakthrough occurs. This information enables the safety professional to select a glove that will perform optimally in terms of protection, employee acceptance, and cost effectiveness. PERMEA-TEC pads are sensitive to 3 to 5 µg for isocyanates.

The patches are suitable for testing of a range of Isocyanates bases products. Please specify whether your compound of interest is an Aromatic isocyanate compounds such as TDI - toluene di-isocyanate; MDI - diphenyl methane di-isocyanate, NDI - naphthalene di-isocyanate or and aliphatic isocyanates based product such as HDI - hexamethylene di-isocyanate or MIC - methyl isocyanate.

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Gloves patches

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