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Easy-to-use colorimetric SWYPE Indicators detect contaminants on work surfaces and skin. SWYPEs are sensitive to levels equal to or below permissible exposure levels for a comparable airborne exposure. SWYPEs are easy to use. Simply spray Developer Solution** on a surface and wipe with a SWYPE or wipe skin with a SWYPE and immerse in the Developer Solution**. SWYPEs provide a rapid, positive colour change if the contaminant is present.

  • Easy-to-use; no training needed
  • Economical
  • Provide on-the-spot results
  • Specific for particular compound groups
  • Convenient kit contains all materials for hazard assessment surveys and decontamination
  • Suitable for OSHA's PPE Standard
  • Non-intrusive detection

The skin wipes are suitable for testing of a range of Isocyanates bases products. Please specify whether your compound of interest is an Aromatic isocyanate compounds such as TDI - toluene di-isocyanate; MDI - diphenyl methane di-isocyanate, NDI - naphthalene di-isocyanate or and aliphatic isocyanates based product such as HDI - hexamethylene di-isocyanate or MIC - methyl isocyanate.

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Skip wipes

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