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With over 10 years of experience, we have a wide variety of case studies...
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UK-WIDE Service

Hazardous Materials Survey Services

Mould and Damp Survey Services

Our mould inspection, mould testing, and sampling protocols are based on established investigation methodologies, government issued guidance documents, and international ISO and ASTM standards.

Read more about our mould & damp survey services

Lead Survey Services

Sysco Environmental offer a comprehensive service for all types of potential lead exposure. This includes lead reassurance testing for operatives working on removing lead, lead exposure monitoring for processes involving lead fumes or lead dust in a workplace and hazardous material testing for lead. We routinely prepare supporting documentation, specify safe working practices, and prepare lead removal project specifications.

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Anthrax Survey & Testing Services

We can confidently determine whether anthrax is present and can accordingly advise our clients of necessary actions. We will ensure that your workforce use appropriate protection measures, and that the risk of exposure and infection is significantly reduced.

Read more about our anthrax survey & testing services

Asbestos Survey & Testing Services

We have a team of fully qualified asbestos surveyors who can carry out all types of surveys competently and in strict accordance with regulatory guidelines.

Read more about our asbestos survey & testing services

Radon Survey & Testing Services

Our hygienists use the most advanced technology available to precisely detect radon in your home, school or business. We will accurately establish the radon levels in your property and propose recommended action based on the current UK guidelines.

Read more about our radon survey & testing services

Mercury Survey & Testing Services

Sysco provides a range of mercury-related services such as preventative and reactive mercury contamination surveys for clients in sectors such as the construction industry, public health and educational systems.

Read more about our mercury survey & testing services

Fire Residue Survey & Testing Services

Many highly toxic compounds are present in the construction materials and enclosed in the building but are released during intentional fire (such as fireplaces) or unintentional fire disasters. Fire damage testing is vital to ensure your air quality is not affected. Sysco Environmental can perform sampling and analysis of some of the most potent carcinogenic and toxic chemicals encountered in the indoor environment.

Read more about our fire residue survey & testing services