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Anthrax Survey & Testing Services

At Sysco Environmental Ltd, we specialise in safeguarding the health and safety of workers by offering comprehensive anthrax surveying and testing services, especially within listed buildings where anthrax may be present in historic plaster. Our expertise ensures that your workplace remains compliant with safety regulations and that your employees are protected from the harmful effects of anthrax exposure.

Why Select Sysco Environmental Ltd for Your Anthrax Survey?

  1. Expertise in Monitoring: Our anthrax surveyors are fully trained members of BOHS, skilled in sampling, analysis, interpretation of results, and required control measures.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Our testing protocols adhere to World Health Organisation guidance and BS 10175:2011 +A2:2017 standards for investigating potentially contaminated sites.
  3. Tailored Solutions: We provide customised services to meet the specific needs of your organisation.
  4. Ensuring Quality Service: Download our Due Diligence Guide to ensure unparalleled service quality.

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Our comprehensive anthrax survey and testing services include:

  1. Visual inspection of buildings and surrounding land
  2. Identification of high-risk areas
  3. Collection of representative samples of building plaster or soil
  4. Laboratory analysis of anthrax samples
  5. Recommendations for appropriate management and remediation actions

By accurately determining the presence of anthrax, we advise clients on necessary actions, ensuring that appropriate protective measures are in place to significantly reduce the risk of exposure and infection.

Our Anthrax Surveying Process

  1. Initial Consultation: Understand your specific needs and challenges to provide a comprehensive audit.
  2. Data Gathering: Carry out anthrax sampling and exposure measurements as part of our environmental safety monitoring.
  3. Reporting: Report findings in a technical report compliant with BOHS and HSE industrial hygiene reporting standards.
  4. Action Plan: Develop a comprehensive action plan to prioritise the most impactful and cost-effective improvements for a successful workers protection programme.

Download our example report to gain a comprehensive understanding of our work's extent and quality. The report showcases our meticulous detail and thoroughness, providing a clear insight into our professional approach and high standards.

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Understanding Anthrax and Its Effects

Anthrax is a serious and potentially fatal infection caused by the bacteria Bacillus anthracis. Historically, the main source of the disease has been livestock and animal hair used in various industries. Those most at risk were individuals frequently in contact with animal materials, such as workers in wool and leather processing, animal slaughter, bone processing, and storage or distribution of animal products.

In recent years, the construction industry has seen a small but significant risk of anthrax exposure, particularly when working with historic plaster reinforced with animal hair (e.g., horsehair plaster), old tanneries, wool processing sites, or during the reclamation of former industrial sites linked with animal production.

Client Success Stories

Explore our detailed case studies highlighting our expertise and commitment to excellence. Each case study showcases unique projects where we successfully identified and mitigated anthrax hazards, implemented effective control measures, and ensured compliance with HSE guidelines. Review these case studies to see how Sysco Environmental Ltd can enhance safety.

Ready to Protect Your Workforce?

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