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UK-WIDE Service

Asbestos Survey & Testing Services

Sysco Environmental provides independent, high-quality asbestos surveying services, working with clients across the industrial, commercial, and public sectors.

We have a team of fully qualified asbestos surveyors who can carry out all types of surveys competently and in strict accordance with regulatory guidelines.

What is asbestos and what are its effects?

Asbestos is the word used to describe naturally-occurring minerals that are heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Due to its resistant properties, asbestos was often used in products such as insulation, fireproofing and plasterboard materials.

Breathing asbestos fibres over several years will cause scarring of the lungs and may also cause cancers such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.

How can we help with your asbestos surveying & testing requirements?

By law, asbestos surveys are required on any commercial property built before 2000 due to these risks. Sysco Environmental are asbestos survey experts and we specialise in the following services:

Why choose Sysco Environmental to perform your asbestos survey?

During asbestos surveys, we put our clients' safety first and ensure there is minimal disruption to normal activities. We offer a cost-effective and reliable service, professional and user-friendly reporting, and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our specialist surveyors have extensive nationwide asbestos experience including work in many major sectors such as hospitals, schools, universities, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, shopping centres, residential homes, warehouses, shipyards, military installations and many others.

This wealth of experience means Sysco Environmental is the best company to work with for your asbestos survey requirements. Our comprehensive survey is conducted by qualified professionals and complies with the asbestos survey guidelines, as defined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSG264).

Our clients can be confident that all the necessary asbestos-related precautions are in place, and that we have appropriate procedures to cover any issues which may arise during an asbestos survey.

Next steps

Please contact us to speak with one of our friendly asbestos experts to discuss your concerns and how we can help.