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Mould and Damp Survey Services

Sysco Environmental provides a comprehensive mould & damp survey and consultation service for both domestic and commercial properties.

We use the latest diagnostic technology and investigative methods when conducting our professional non-destructive investigation of your property to identify all sources of water penetration and condensation in the building. Once the root cause of any mould issues are identified, air samples are taken throughout the property to understand the levels of mould contamination and health risks.

Why choose Sysco Environmental to conduct your mould & damp survey?

Sysco Environmental is considered to be a mould specialist, and we are confident that our company is the perfect solution for your building assessment needs.

Our mould inspection, mould testing, and sampling protocols are based on established investigation methodologies, government issued guidance documents, and international ISO and ASTM standards. Our Company participates in AIHA interlaboratory mould identification quality control scheme and is accredited to ISO 9001 Standard.

Our surveyors are trained industrial hygienists and building surveyors educated by both British Occupational Hygiene Society and Property Care Association.

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What is involved in a mould & damp survey?

Our expert mould & damp technicians will perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine whether your building poses a potential health hazard due to mould.

Our comprehensive mould inspection involves the following:

What are the benefits of a mould & damp assessment?

By instructing Sysco Environmental to perform your mould survey, you will benefit from:

Our team will provide you with reliable information about the indoor air quality in your building, the magnitude of air contamination by airborne moulds, clearly identified root causes of the problem, and we will suggest the most appropriate remedial measures.

Although we can advise you with the treatment of the existing contamination, Sysco Environmental does not engage in actual building work, damp proofing or other major remedial works which may be required. This approach allows us to remain independent and impartial and represent your interests in dealing with relevant authorities should the need arise.

Experience the precision and quality of our assessments firsthand. Download now to see how we can help you manage your project.

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Our Work

We invite you to explore our projects that demonstrate our expertise and dedication to excellence in mould surveys. Each project highlights our effective identification and remediation of mould hazards, implementation of robust safety measures, and compliance with regulatory standards. These examples provide insight into our meticulous methodology and the tangible benefits of our services. Review these case studies to see how Sysco Environmental Ltd can enhance the safety and integrity of your property.

What other mould services do Sysco Environmental offer?

Home testing for mould to find out what your exposure may be is increasingly important. Sysco Environmental offer a range home testing kits to help you understand if mould is a concern.

The standard test kit is designed for self-analysis. Place the included plates in key areas of concern, with one outside to act as a control measure. Follow the easy-to-understand instructions and cultivate the mould in a warm and dry environment to assess your potential exposure levels.

Alternatively, our Mould Test Kit Plus includes full mould identification analysis at our laboratory with a short report provided about what moulds are detected in your home or business.

We also offer tape lift sampling and analysis which is ideal to identify the mould species of contaminated surfaces.

To further enhance mould investigation and indoor air quality surveys, our laboratory can offer total viable mould and bacteria sampling and analysis for your project.

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