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Radon Survey & Testing Services

Sysco Environmental offers one of the most comprehensive radon exposure assessment programs in the UK, and we are confident that our company is the perfect partner to help you deliver first-class protection of your family or your employees from radon.

What is radon and what are its effects on health?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas which comes from the breakdown of uranium within the ground. Radon gas is colourless and odourless, and it penetrates homes, schools, and business premises through cracks in the foundations, walls and joints. Most radon exposure occurs in homes, where individuals spend most of their time.

Radioactive radon particles can accumulate to dangerous levels in poorly-ventilated locations, and in addition, the ventilation rate and air-flow patterns within a structure are important factors which can affect the concentration of radon within the different spaces of the building.

The risks associated with radon exposure are believed to increase as the concentration of radon in the air increases. Radon particles are deposited in the lungs where can cause cancer through emitting radiation directly into the tissue.

What's involved in a radon assessment survey?

Sysco's expert site surveyors will perform a comprehensive radon inspection which typically involves:

Why choose Sysco to perform radon surveys and testing?

Our hygienists use the most advanced technology available to precisely detect radon in your home, school or business. We will accurately establish the radon levels in your property and propose recommended action based on the current UK guidelines.

Next steps

Contact us today for a chat with one of our radon experts to discuss your testing requirements. Our service is UK-wide, so to book an appointment please don't hesitate to get in touch.