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Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Sysco Environmental Ltd provides professional, thorough, and scientifically-based indoor air quality (IAQ) inspections and assessments.

Our Pride and Expertise

We take pride in our dedicated team of experts. Paul Howlett, our Business Development Manager, leverages his extensive industry experience to identify client needs and provide tailored solutions. Tomas Gabor, our Technical Director, combines his deep technical expertise with innovative strategies to address complex indoor air quality challenges. Together, they ensure comprehensive assessments and effective remediation, enhancing the health and safety of your environment.

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0800 433 7914
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Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality issues can significantly impact health and productivity, leaving you concerned about the safety of your environment. At Sysco Environmental Ltd, we are here to help. Our expert team of IAQ consultants understands the complexities of indoor air quality and conducts thorough IAQ inspections to identify and address potential problems. By testing for a wide range of parameters, we provide a complete picture of your air quality, from common pollutants to specific contaminants. Whether you are dealing with unknown odours, health complaints, or compliance requirements, we deliver the answers and reassurance you need for a safe and healthy indoor environment.

We test over 30 Indoor Air Quality Parameters To Resolve Your Problem!

Gases & Dust
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Formaldehyde gas
  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Others - as determined in our pre-visit study
  • Dust - PM2.5, PM 10 and mg/m3
  • Particle counts 0.3µm, 0.5µm, 1µm, 2µm, 5µm, 10µm
Environmental Parameters
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Dew point
  • Surface temperature
Airborne Dust Characterisations
  • 40 Different spore types
  • Pollen
  • Respirable asbestos-like or mineral wool insulation fibers
Surface Contaminants
  • Active mould growth confirmation
  • Mould genus identification
  • Fire residue presence
  • Mould/dust mites presence
  • Heavy metals concentration (Lead, Arsenic, Mercury)

Why do we care so much about Indoor Air Quality?

Considering we spend most of our time within an indoor environment, whether that be homes, offices, or commercial buildings & establishments, the quality of the indoor air is a concern to us all.

Repeated exposure to any indoor air pollutants can cause significant health risks to people. It is therefore essential for our wellbeing to ensure that the quality of the indoor living environment is good enough and doesn't cause harm to occupants. The people most vulnerable to adverse health effects due to bad air quality include those who spend significant amounts of time indoors, such as those who suffer from cardiovascular and respiratory disease, those who are chronically ill, young children and the elderly.

Short-term health risks of poor indoor air quality:

Skin and eye irritation

Long term health risks of poor indoor air quality:

Skin sensitisation
Liver damage
Kidney damage
Damage to central nervous system

How We Identify and Resolve Indoor Air Quality Problems

Our indoor air quality investigations start with a detailed assessment of the occupants' symptoms and complaints, coupled with a thorough inspection of the HVAC systems. We evaluate the spatial distribution of the building's occupants and identify sources of potential irritants both inside and outside the building.

Comprehensive Testing and Monitoring

An experienced Occupational Hygiene Consultant will to conduct tailored air quality monitoring based on your specific needs. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we ensure the highest quality standards in all our processes. Our range of tests includes monitoring for various chemical, biological, and environmental contaminants and evaluating their potential to harm. We utilise our own laboratory, which participates in the AIHA interlaboratory quality program, and partner with other ISO 10725 accredited laboratories to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Detailed Reporting and Recommendations

Following the testing survey, we compile the findings into a comprehensive report. This report includes a thorough risk assessment of the health risks posed by the identified issues. Our detailed analysis can then be used by health and safety professionals or facility managers to manage risks effectively and prioritise action steps. Additionally, we provide tailored recommendations to support you in making any necessary improvements, ensuring a safer and healthier indoor environment.

By leveraging the latest high-performance indoor air testing and analysis equipment, computer modelling, and laboratory analysis techniques, our in-field experts help identify air quality issues and improve the quality of internal workplace environments. Trust Sysco Environmental Ltd to enhance the health and well-being of people using commercial, domestic, and residential buildings.