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Lead Test Kit


The lead test kit is designed for domestic and professional use to evaluate the presence of lead containing paints in premises.

  • Easy to use with easy instruction.
  • Reliable scientifically validated testing methods.
  • Accredited analysis of your sample.
  • Capable of detect lead as low as 0.0001% in materials.
  • Laboratory report including the results and interpretation of your test based on the government; or World Health Organizations Guidelines.
  • Each kit contains 5 tests.

Lead is a toxic element commonly present in the indoor environment in the form of lead-containing dust. Exposure to lead has been associated with behavioural and developmental problems in children, anaemia, cardiovascular problems, kidney disease and many others.

There are many sources of this hazardous substance in the home environment such as;
  • Old paints applied to skirting boards, doors, door frames, stairs, bannisters, and window frames
  • Radiators
  • Pipes
  • Ceramics
  • Solders
  • Batteries
  • Cosmetics

We have developed the Lead Test Kit to allow you to test for the presence of the harmful element at home and/or workplace.
Our Lead Test Kit has been developed to evaluate the concentration of harmful lead in paint and other bulk materials. Our do-it-yourself kit does not require specialist training. You just follow the simple instructions and send the sample back to us for accredited analysis. Once the analysis is completed we will prepare a report with interpretations of your results based on the government guidance.

Homeowners will be able to identify lead-based coatings helping to reduce or eliminate potential exposure to this toxic substance.

Building managers will be able to accurately assess the hazards in the building and to prevent unintended exposure of workers and building occupants.

Step One:
Read the instruction and fill in the forms.

Step Two:
Collect the samples following the instruction and post back to our laboratory.

Step Three:
Receive a full report with interpretations and recommendations within 20 days of sending the samples to us. If you are still concerned we will gladly discuss the report findings.

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