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Workplace Exposure

At Sysco Environmental Ltd, we offer our customers a complete range of occupational exposure monitoring solutions to identify, evaluate, and control risks to workers' health from exposure to hazardous substances. Workplace air sampling measures the exposure of your staff to hazardous substances in the air. Exposure to these hazardous substances in the workplace can have a harmful effect on employees' health.

Our workplace air monitoring service will keep you informed about your workforce's exposure to airborne substances. Our experts will work with you to check compliance against the exposure limits given in EH40/2005 – Workplace exposure limits and ensure that your business meets its legal obligations under COSHH. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) Regulation 7 places a duty on employers, as part of their COSHH assessment, to stop or control the exposure of staff to hazardous substances at work. Regulation 10 sets a duty to carry out workplace air monitoring to measure these exposures.

Hazardous substances include:

We provide exposure monitoring services in a variety of scenarios such as when our clients need to prove compliance with WEL (Workplace Exposure Limit) or BMGV (Biological Monitoring Guidance Value) or when you need to show that engineered controls or personal protective equipment is adequately working.

Specialist monitoring provides a scientifically solid basis for identification of the most appropriate solution to contamination control. All occupational exposure testing is carried out using validated methods produces by leading health and safety organisations such as HSE, NIOSH and OSHA.

A Sysco Environmental Survey Report includes: