Sysco Environmental uses a variety of inspection and test methods to understand and evaluate the environment and processes carried out in microbiologically sensitive environment. Our methods involve the analysis if air, water, surface and various chemicals used within the environment. We are responsible in maintain bioburden monitoring programs for many of our client on regular bases and on reactive bases following deep cleans.

By working with us your organisation will benefit from:

  • Staff knowledgeable and experienced in field of environmental microbiological monitoring
  • Testing methodology in strict accordance with standards ISO 14644 -1,2, ISO 13485, ISO 14698, HTM 2025/03-01, Orange Guide (Pharmaceutical)
  • Professional easy to understand reports
  • Testing in ancillary rooms and for no-biological hazardous components

Our regular environmental monitoring programs are fully capable of detecting a negative shift in microbiological conditions in a suitable manner that would allowing for effective corrective actions. The frequency of monitoring programs depend on specific site or client's requirements but will also depend on the criticality of site or process.

Our technical assessors will use a variety of methods and sampling protocols to assess cleanness of a microbiologically critical environment. We will use active sampling method for both culturable and non-culturable biological contaminants, settle and contact plates, surface swabbing or finder imprint plates.