Hand and arm vibration

Hand-arm vibration has been recognised as a risk in the industry for many decades. Responsible employers should develop plans to reduce exposure of employees to vibration and protect the employees as far as reasonably practicable. Sysco Environmental vibration assessment programs will provide you with the necessary information, plans and means to reduce and control vibration and to adequately protect your employees.

Our experienced and qualified vibration measurement technicians have considerable knowledge and expertise in the field. We have carried out large amount of vibration assessments across different sectors of the industry.

The vibration risk to your employees can be effectively controlled by implementation of our hand-arm vibration program:

  • Evaluation of all work related tasks which can lead to significant vibration exposure
  • Measurement of vibration magnitude in accordance with relevant standards
  • Correct and realistic estimation of the employees' exposure times
  • Calculation and provision of personal or task vibration exposure levels
  • Recommendation of the best working practice to reduce vibration exposures

We have helped many of our client to protect their employees by implementation of vibration reduction programs at minimal cost. Our primary goal is to ensure that your employees are fully protected, to ensure your continuous regulatory compliance and to protect your organisation from easily avoidable litigation.