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Hand & Arm Vibration Assessments

Sysco Environmental Hand and Arm Vibration assessment programs will provide you with the necessary information, plans and means to reduce and control hand and arm vibration and to adequately protect your employees. We will ensure that workers health is protected, and that regulatory compliance is achieved in line with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005. This will help protect your organisation from easily avoidable litigation.

Our experienced and qualified hand and arm vibration measurement technicians have considerable knowledge and expertise in the field. We have carried out a large amount of hand and arm vibration assessments across different sectors and industries.

The vibration risk to your employees can be effectively controlled by implementation of our hand-arm vibration program which includes:

As a result of the assessment, the average hand and arm vibration magnitudes can be used to calculate daily exposure times. From this we can then advise on how best to control the levels of exposure and how to deal safely with vibration issues in the workplace. Results for each tool will be compared to the Exposure Action Value (EAV) and the Exposure Limit Value (ELV) and how employers can develop and implement strategies that will reduce hand and arm vibration levels and exposures.

Sysco Environmental will also use a Hand and Arm Vibration Exposure Calculator (adapted HSE Health & Safety Executive HAV Calculator). The HAV Exposure Calculator is used to understand the Total Exposure Points for each worker, which is calculated from partial exposure values from all tools used to perform their daily jobs and tasks.

Hand and Arm Vibration (HAV) has been recognised as a risk in the industry for many decades. Responsible employers should develop plans to reduce exposure of employees to hand and arm vibration and protect the employees as far as reasonably practicable. HAV is vibration transmitted from a work process into the workers hands and arms. It can be caused by operating hand-held power tools, hand-guided equipment, or by holding materials being processed by machines.

There are many different types of hand-held power tools and equipment which can place workers at increased risk of developing Hand and Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). HAVS is the medical term for symptoms caused by vibration damages that may occur in the fingers, hands and arms when working with vibrating tools or machinery.

As well as specific diseases such as a white finger or Raynaud’s syndrome, carpel tunnel syndrome and tendinitis, HAVS has adverse circulatory and neural effects in the fingers. The signs and symptoms include numbness, pain, and blanching (turning pale and ashen). Some of the tools capable of causing this can be seen below: