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Anthrax Survey & Testing Services

Sysco Environmental provides comprehensive anthrax surveying & testing services, particularly within listed building where anthrax can be found within historic plaster.

What is anthrax and what are its effects?

Anthrax is a serious and potentially fatal infection caused by the bacteria Bacillus Anthracis. The main source of the disease is livestock and animal hair used in certain industries. Historically, people most at risk were those who came in frequent contact with the animal material. This includes people working or transporting wool and leather, workers involved in animal slaughter and bone processing, and work involving animal product storage and distribution.

In recent years, professionals working within the construction industry have been subjected to a small risk of exposure from anthrax spores. However, the risk of exposure becomes significant when working with historic plaster that is reinforced with animal hair such as horsehair plaster when working in old tanneries or wool processing sites, or during the reclamation of former industrial sites linked with animal production.

Comprehensive anthrax surveys and testing mitigates the risks of anthrax exposure

As with many other hazardous materials, Bacillus Anthracis is subject to COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations. Sysco Environmental can perform a comprehensive anthrax testing survey, including the sampling and analysis of materials likely to be contaminated by anthrax spores including horsehair plaster testing and soil testing.

We can confidently determine whether anthrax is present and can accordingly advise our clients of necessary actions. We will ensure that your workforce use appropriate protection measures, and that the risk of exposure and infection is significantly reduced.

Our site surveyors will perform an all-inclusive anthrax survey & testing which typically involves:

Why choose Sysco Environmental to conduct your anthrax survey?

We are confident that our company is the perfect solution for your anthrax testing requirements.

Our expert anthrax surveyors are fully trained members of BOHS, familiar with sampling, analysis, interpretation of results, and required control measures. Our anthrax testing protocols are based on the World Health Organisation guidance and BS 10175:2011 +A2:2017 investigation of potentially contaminated sites.

Next steps

Please contact us to speak with one of our friendly anthrax experts to discuss your concerns and how we can help.