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Welding Fumes

To fully understand the risk to the health of your employees, it is necessary to carry out personal monitoring for welding fumes and fine particulates. Sysco Environmental help in compliance with the COSHH regulations by devising and undertaking workplace air monitoring surveys to measure personal exposures of your welding and hot cutting process operators.

Welding fumes assessments are carried out in strict accordance with the latest Health and Safety (HSE) guidance documents and International Standards (ISO).

Chemical analysis of the fumes along with the exposure concentration data provides a solid basis for a risk assessment of the welding process and hot process fumes to ensure operatives work safely with welding fumes and fine particulates.

The assessment is carried out on a representative sample of the workforce to provide reliable exposure data. The collected information is then expressed as personal exposure levels for each exposure group and compared with the relevant exposure limits.

The assessment process consists of:

Typical welding fume exposure of operatives consists of gaseous components and particulate fumes with varying concentration and composition. The fume composition depends mainly on the type of the welding rod, welded material and the welding technique. Certain components of welding or cutting fumes can be toxic to humans and long-term exposure to these fumes can result in deterioration in health resulting in conditions such as Pneumonia, Throat irritation, Metal fever, Occupational asthma, and others.