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Lead Exposure Monitoring & Testing

At Sysco Environmental, we understand how crucial it is to protect your staff from the health risks of lead. Our all-inclusive lead testing and monitoring solutions are designed to assess exposure risks and to manage those risks, allowing you to set up lead control methods that will make your workplace safer.

How are employees exposed to lead?

Lead is a cumulative and toxic substance, and employees who swallow or inhale lead compounds during their normal work activities may become ill from lead poisoning.

Typical operation which can lead to employees' high exposure to lead are:

Although lead is eliminated from the body at a slow rate, inhaling even a small amount of a lead compound over an extended period may cause lead poisoning. Following lead exposure, the lead stored in the body may be slowly causing irreversible damage - first to the cells, then to the organs, and finally to the whole body system.

Most at risk from exposure to lead are construction workers carrying out refurbishments or other maintenance work, or demolitions. Workers on projects involving lead removal can become significantly exposed to this toxic metal if not correctly controlled through breathing in lead dust

How will your organisation benefit from our lead exposure assessment service?

Our expert and professional technicians can perform a comprehensive lead exposure assessment, which typically involves:

Your organisation will benefit from implementation of a comprehensive and robust workers' protection programme and full compliance with the current regulatory requirements and HSE guidance.

Compliance with COSHH industry regulations

Sysco Environmental aids your compliance with COSHH regulations (the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) by conceiving the correct lead exposure monitoring for your organisation or project circumstances, to ensure the safety of your workforce.

Why choose Sysco Environmental for your lead exposure survey?

The professionals at Sysco Environmental have years of experience in lead exposure analysis and a thorough understanding of the risks it poses to your staff.

Sysco's commitment is not only to resolve existing issues but also to inspire practices that promote long-term workplace safety. We are ready to assist and deliver tangible results in creating a safer and healthier work environment for your organisation.

Sysco is not just a lead monitoring service provider - we are your trusted partner in occupational health & safety. We can support you with every step of the project from lead analysis to biological lead monitoring if required (lead in blood)

Sysco Environmental also offer lead sampling services through our laboratory. This service is ideal for those who may be concerned about lead levels in their home, business, or work environment. Using the latest technology, we can accurately identify how much lead is present from a sample of paint or plaster with a short, easy to understand report. This Lead Test Kit can be purchased from our online store.

Next steps

Contact us today for a chat with one of our friendly experts to discuss your lead exposure situation and how Sysco can help.

Please view our other workplace exposure testing services, and please browse our case studies to see examples of our work.

You can also find more information about our other lead services here: Lead Paint Surveys.

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