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Workplace Noise Assessment Services

Sysco Environmental offers a comprehensive workplace noise exposure assessment service to identify noise hazards and create solutions to protect your employees.

How does noise exposure affect employee health?

Exposure to noise within the workplace may cause temporary hearing changes or a temporary ringing in the ears, and repeated noise exposure can lead to permanent incurable hearing loss, tinnitus, or other health issues.

It is therefore vital to conduct a noise risk assessment within the workplace environment to identify the activities that give rise to daily noise exposure levels exceeding the lower action level to protect operatives in the workplace.

What's included in a workplace noise survey?

Sysco Environmental undertakes all necessary work to relieve employers of the concern and administration of industrial and workplace noise exposure surveys, and we provide practical solutions and advice tailored to specific industrial situations.

Our workplace noise exposure survey includes monitoring all day-to-day activities within the work environment using static monitoring (sound level meter) and personal monitoring (dosimeter badges).

As well as providing information relating to your employees' personal exposure levels, the survey will include:

What is the process for a comprehensive noise assessment?

Our workplace noise survey experts will firstly assess the noise environment at your premises, and then in close cooperation with your appointed health & safety manager, they will design the most effective noise mitigation strategy to help protect the health of your employees from noise.

The noise assessor will identify noise exposure hazards and establish whether the lower and upper exposure action values are being exceeded. We will also estimate the personal daily noise exposure of employees and identify the measures required to eliminate or reduce risk, control exposure, and protect employees.

Not only will your managers have access to detailed information on actions that need to be taken, and your business will benefit from continuous compliance with health & safety law, your employees will be protected from risks to their health.

Why choose Sysco Environmental to conduct your workplace noise assessments?

By choosing Sysco Environmental, you will benefit from our extensive experience in the field of occupational noise exposure. Our expertise in this area is second to none.

Sysco Environmental will safeguard your business against unfounded litigation claims due to damaged hearing, and will also ensure your organisation adheres to 'The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005', which reduced the noise threshold at which occupational noise must be addressed in the workplace.

Next steps

Contact us today to chat with a noise exposure expert to see how Sysco can help your business.

Please also browse our other workplace noise & vibration assessment services and check out our case studies to see examples of our work.

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