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Isocyanates Exposure Monitoring & Testing

Isocyanate exposure testing is one of the most important aspects of a continuous workers' health monitoring program. Isocyanate-containing products are widely used in manufacturing industries and therefore many work processes have the potential to cause significant exposure to employees. Our isocyanates testing and monitoring solutions are designed to assess and manage the risks from isocyanates to your employees.

What are the risks from isocyanates to employees?

Isocyanates are powerful irritants to the respiratory tract and mucus membranes around the eyes. Due to their widespread use, isocyanates are considered the leading causes of occupational asthma in the UK. Isocyanate-related asthma typically develops after continuous exposure from several months to years. Once sensitised, extremely low respiratory levels of isocyanate can elicit asthmatic responses.

The primary routes of exposure are inhalation of isocyanates containing fumes, vapours, and particles and direct skin exposure which is absorbed by the body and expelled via urine. Exposure to isocyanates can occur at all stages of the manufacturing process from initial surface application to final curing or cutting of materials.

Isocyanates exposure monitoring service

Regular isocyanates exposure testing is an integral part of maintaining a safe environment for your employees and preventing sensitisation leading to the development of occupational asthma.

To fully evaluate your employees' exposure levels and the effectiveness of existing engineering controls, one of our technical assessors will carry out personal and static isocyanates exposure monitoring. We can also provide our clients with a biological monitoring method for isocyanates exposure through urine samples.

Our isocyanates exposure monitoring program includes:

Isocyanates testing compliance for COSHH industry regulations

Sysco Environmental's isocyanates testing will aid your organisation in meeting regulatory compliance, specifically COSHH regulations, ensuring a safe working environment for your workers.

Why choose Sysco Environmental for your isocyanate exposure assessment?

As experts in occupational health, our team possesses extensive expertise in assessing exposure risks in diverse work environments. With a deep understanding of the health risks associated with isocyanate exposure, we provide comprehensive recommendations tailored to the unique challenges of your organisation. Our commitment to delivering practical solutions ensures the well-being and safety of your employees.

Sysco's commitment is not only to resolve existing issues but also to instill practices that promote long-term workplace safety. We are ready to assist and deliver tangible results in creating a safer and healthier work environment for your organisation.

We offer comprehensive, tailored advice on both air sampling and biological sampling, and offer a test kit for urine sampling for isocyanates which can be purchased here.

Sysco is not just a isocyanates analysis service provider - we are your trusted partner in occupational health & safety, and carry out a full range of workplace exposure monitoring services.

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