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Wood Dust Exposure Monitoring & Testing

At Sysco Environmental, we recognise how critical it is to safeguard your personnel against the health risks posed by wood dust. Our comprehensive wood dust testing and monitoring solutions are made to evaluate and manage exposure hazards, enabling you to establish wood dust control procedures that will make your workplace safer and healthier.

Why and how should your organisation protect your employees from wood dust exposure?

The effective protection of employees from wood dust is the primary health and safety concern in the wood processing industry. Exposure to dust in the workplace can cause a variety of serious health issues including lung cancer, silicosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and asthma. Significant dust exposure can occur at all stages of the process from logging through to product manufacture, to wood waste processing.

Your employees' exposure to wood dust can be effectively controlled through appropriately designed ventilation systems and respiratory protection. Good general ventilation can also reduce exposure to wood dust, but knowing where the most significant exposures to wood dust occur is essential to the overall control strategy.

Industry-leading wood dust monitoring program

We have extensive experience in providing thorough and well-designed wood dust testing programs, as well as monitoring wood dust in wood-processing industries. We have helped our clients to achieve effective wood dust control in:

Your business can benefit from a comprehensive wood dust monitoring program which typically involves:

Our wood dust analysis may show that local ventilation may not be practical for your operations, and in some cases the concentration of wood dust in the air cannot be adequately controlled by ventilation alone. In such cases respiratory protection may be needed.

Compliance with COSHH industry regulations

Sysco Environmental aids your compliance with COSHH regulations (the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) by devising the correct wood dust exposure monitoring & testing for your organisation and its unique requirements & circumstances, to ensure the safety of your staff.

Why choose Sysco Environmental for your wood dust survey?

The professionals at Sysco Environmental have years of experience in monitoring wood dust and a thorough understanding of the risks it poses to your staff. Our team of experts has developed the very best procedures for testing wood dust since we are aware of the threats to health posed by the wood processing sector.

As dust management experts, we assist businesses in mitigating wood dust hazards through comprehensive risk assessments, implementation of cutting-edge dust control measures, and tailored training programs to ensure workplace safety and regulatory compliance.

Sysco Environmental is not just a wood dust monitoring service provider - we are your trusted partner in occupational health & safety. Please view our other workplace exposure testing services, and please browse our case studies to see examples of our work.

Next steps

Contact us today for a chat with one of our friendly experts to discuss your wood dust exposure situation and how Sysco Environmental can help.