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Lead Paint Survey Services

Lead paint poses a significant hazard in commercial premises, particularly for employees who are required to work with lead-based paints. Inadvertent exposure to lead can occur during refurbishments or maintenance activities such as paint stripping or sanding. Implementing strict safety measures and regulations for these tasks is paramount to mitigate the risks associated with lead.

Lead paint is a risk in the home especially for developing babies and children due to the permanent damage it can do to the brain and, body. Especially in older properties, lead home exposure can be accidentally created with DIY projects such as stripping paint or sanding when decorating.

Sysco Environmental provide a complete range of lead-related services nationwide such as:

We routinely prepare supporting documentation, specify safe working practices, and prepare lead removal project specifications.

Lead paint surveys

Our lead paint survey experts help building owners and managers determine the presence of lead paints within their premises.

Buildings constructed prior to 1980 are at risk of containing lead paint, and our lead paint testing is tailored to the building characteristics and the client's requirements.

Our lead survey team uses various techniques such as paint chip sampling, wipe swabbing, and x-ray fluorescence (XRF). We can facilitate post-shift biological monitoring for total lead body burden thus providing a complete site risk management package for our clients.

Lead paint removal service

Lead paint removal projects are usually completed by clearance testing, which generally refers to combined visual and quantitative environmental evaluation in order to establish the absence of lead paint hazards in the area being cleared. This follows lead paint hazard controls or paint-disturbing.

Sysco Environmental also provides services to assist with lead paint removal, including contractor oversight and air monitoring known as lead reassurance air test.

Lead paint regulations compliance

Lead paint inspection and testing is always required as part of due diligence prior to demolition or renovation of buildings as required by the 'CDM regulations' and 'The Control of Lead at Work Regulations'.

Why choose Sysco Environmental to help with lead paint assessment and removal?

We have participated in a variety of projects ranging from domestic-lead paint surveys to large-scale lead paint surveys of railway buildings, bridges, and industrial installation.

Sysco is more than a lead paint surveying company - we are your partner in occupational health & safety.

Sysco Environmental also offer lead sampling services through our laboratory. This service is ideal for those who may be concerned about lead levels in their home, business, or work environment. Using the latest technology, we can accurately identify how much lead is present from a sample of paint with a short, easy to understand report. This can be purchased from our online store here.

What other lead services do Sysco Environmental offer?

Sysco Environmental offer a comprehensive service for all types of potential lead exposure. This includes lead reassurance testing for operatives working on removing lead, lead exposure monitoring for processes involving lead fumes or lead dust in a workplace and hazardous material testing for lead.

Next steps

Please contact us to see how we can help with your lead surveying and removal requirements.