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Mercury Survey & Testing Services

Sysco provides a range of mercury-related services such as preventative and reactive mercury contamination surveys for clients in sectors such as the construction industry, public health and educational systems.

What is mercury and how does it affect health?

Mercury is a highly toxic liquid metal which has been commonly used throughout industry. Mercury has been extensively used in manufacturing and for educational purposes throughout the UK. It is commonly found in products such as thermometers, switches and light bulbs, or even in its pure form.

Mercury is often found in the wastewater plumbing system in research facilities, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and schools due to being freely discharged into the waste systems. As mercury is heavier than water, it rapidly settles at the bottom of the traps, joints, elbows and other low areas of pipework. Therefore mercury is mostly accumulated in a solid mass in the formed sediment and biofilms and is released very slowly into the water stream.

Sudden changes in flow rates, or disturbances of the wastewater system can lead to sudden release of mercury, and exposure to high levels of mercury can harm the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and immune system, as well as unborn babies.

Sysco's mercury-related services

We provide a range of mercury-related services such as:

Why choose Sysco Environmental to deal with your mercury contamination?

Sysco Environmental has a wealth of experience with mercury, having assisted demolition and construction companies to assess the presence of hazardous mercury on sites prior to redevelopment, and having participated in clean-up projects following accidental mercury spill or discoveries of historic mercury spill in building cavities and drainage.

What other services do Sysco Environmental offer for mercury testing?

If mercury is a concern in your home or business, Sysco Environmental offer a solution with mercury exposure badges designed to assess vapour levels in your environment. Follow the easy-to-understand instructions, return the badges to us for laboratory analysis and a short report with your exposure levels and suitable guidance will be issued. This Mercury Vapour Exposure Test Badge can be purchased on our online store.

Next steps

Contact us today for a chat with one of our mercury experts to discuss your requirements and how we can help. Our service is UK-wide, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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